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Choosing a Lawyer

Finding a Canton Legal Office

When you require the services of a lawyer in Canton, you should seek out a legal practice that has the experience and skill to best meet your needs. Use the following checklist to help refine your search.

  • Research biographical and practice information on the Internet. It is wise to find a firm with experience in your type of case. Study the backgrounds of the lawyers at the firm and locate those who are highly rated by their peers. You may feel most comfortable with lawyers who are active in your own community.
  • Read articles and blogs written by lawyers in Canton. Doing so can help you learn what specific areas of the law a firm handles. In addition, you can gain a sense of how knowledgeable their attorneys are in those areas.
  • Ask people you trust for referrals. Your friends and family might recommend a particular firm. Do not forget to ask if they have a referral for you.
    Address your special needs. If you have any special needs, seek out the appropriate Canton legal practice. For example, perhaps you need an Canton attorney who speaks another language besides English.
  • Research the firm’s successes. Find out if the firm has successfully handled cases such as yours.

The skilled legal advice you need

The Canton general practice of Jeff Heller, Attorney at Law can help resolve your legal issues. Contact us if you have concerns regarding the following areas of practice:

  • Criminal defense: Our Canton law firm can help with your criminal defense case, from petty misdemeanors to serious felonies. White collar crime, theft, battery, assault, drug offenses, and manslaughter are just a few of the areas covered.
  • DUI: Certain procedures must be used by law enforcement officials in order to successfully prosecute a DUI case. By discussing your situation with us, you can make sure you are protected against unjust charges.
  • Bankruptcy: Are you thinking of filing for bankruptcy, but hesitate because of the possible long-term consequences? An experienced lawyer, such as Jeff Heller, can help you with important decisions regarding your financial future.

For experienced representation, contact the general practice in Canton of Jeff Heller, Attorney at Law at (678) 992-4346 or complete our web form.