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DUI & Drunk Driving

Cherokee County DUI Defense

Drinking Driving, DUI Law Firm

A criminal charge against you (or someone you love) like a DUI puts your freedom and livelihood in jeopardy. If you live in the surrounding areas of Canton, Georgia and have legal problems related to drunk driving, you need to choose an attorney who concentrates on these challenges. Attorney Jeff M. Heller, a Cherokee County native, has spent his 25 years of experience in criminal law paying attention to details surrounding drunk driving laws in Georgia, and representing individuals accused of DUI.

DUI Attorney in Cherokee County

Jeff M. Heller, Attorney at Law, recognizes that the difference between a prison sentence and dismissed charges is often the experience, research, and personal attention of a seasoned DUI attorney. In addition to scrupulous attention to details, Mr. Heller’s experience as a Marine Corps Judge Advocate taught him what to expect from a prosecutor.

As a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Cherokee County who has practiced DUI litigation in Canton, Georgia for over 25 years, Jeff Heller is dedicated to ensuring your rights are respected. He will follow the evidence and ensure that neither invalid nor illegal tests that were taken at DUI stops are submitted to trial. As a dedicated criminal defense lawyer, concentrating on DUI arrests, Jeff Heller knows how to hold the police accountable and ensures strict standards are applied to your DUI arrest in Cherokee County.

Support for your DUI Case: Not Judgment

Additionally, some attorneys who say they support clients with DUI arrests are quick to take a retainer but quicker to pass judgment. Mr. Heller cares about his clients whether it is a DWI arrest, first time offense, a second DUI or even if it’s your third offense for a drunk driving accident.

By acquiring qualified legal representation for drunk driving charges you will ensure that your rights are protected, and minimize or in many cases completely eliminate the potential penalties that face you.

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Don’t let yourself be steamrolled into a false or overly punitive drunken driving charges that could derail your life. Contact Jeff M. Heller at (678) 992-4346 or email us at his DUI law firm in Canton, GA.