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Estate Planning

The Gift You Can Give to Those Left Behind

Losing a family member or other loved one is the most difficult thing we endure as human beings.   Research has shown that the mere thought of death is so disturbing to some people that they not only fail to properly plan for it but avoid discussing it entirely.

However, one of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones if you become incapacitated or die is easing the burdens of dealing with your personal affairs and estate.  For example, most people die with at least some property that must be inventoried and distributed.  In other cases, a deceased person may be survived by minor children that need physical, emotional, and financial care until they are able to live independently.  Handling these issues are difficult no matter what the circumstances, but they become excruciatingly so when a lack of plan exists.  Therefore, the more you can do now to prepare for your departure from this earth – regardless of when that may occur – the easier the grieving process will be for those left behind.

Estate Planning Documents and Processes

Our law firm helps individuals and families plan for incapacitation and death.  This includes both the creation of important legal documents as well as practical planning tools and resources that will help your survivors effectively handle everything that needs addressed after you’re gone.  The most common legal documents are:

Durable Power of Attorney
Healthcare Power of Attorney or Advance Directive

In addition, we help clients put practical measures in place and organize important information such as financial accounts including debts and assets, subscriptions, passwords, and other items that are often forgotten.  Having this information consolidated and kept in a safe place can significantly reduce the time and frustration that causes additional stress and grief for so many after the loss of a loved one.

With all the uncertainly facing individuals and families today, there is no better time to get your affairs in order than the present.  Please contact our office at 770-345-1130 or for a free confidential consultation.